Benzler Gears for the Rubber and Plastic Industry

May 16, 2017

The plastics processing sector is alive with diverse processing locations. Outside, sap is collected from rubber trees. Agricultural equipment is an essential part of this arboreal natural rubber source. On the inside, hydrocarbons are processed to produce new synthetic polymers. Both supply resources are dispatched towards injection moulding stations and other plastic-centric processing equipment, to places where Benzler gears have a big role.

Producing Synthetic Rubber and Plastic

Macromolecular compounds become solid polymers when they're mixed in huge volumetric blenders. The hydrocarbons have arrived as refined naphtha, they've been heated and catalysed, and the monomer mix is ready for mechanical conditioning. Compressed by rams, driven down heated barrels, it's the job of a non-slipping helical gearing package to force the melted rubber and plastic forward until it occupies a shaping cavity. The power transmitting gears must employ a continuous drive mechanism, so the spherical bearings and drive shaft must mate correctly. By doing so, the amorphous plastic load properly fills its mould.

Installing Sidereal Assets

Above all, this is a sequential mechanism, so servo motors and angled shafts are expected to move valves by a matter of millimetres. Similarly, the ingredients in the processing channels are governed by very precise logic blocks, so those computer programs must be able to mix tiny quantities of additives and catalysts with servo-guided accuracy. In other words, a superior power transmission chain, one that branches and sub-branches, must act as a mechanically accurate mixing system so that every valve, every mould gate and sprue acts in accordance with the digital program's every setting.

Multidirectional Modular Assets

It's on a rural stage that rotating flexible couplings pair with industrial reducers to harvest natural rubber. Back inside, in that hydrocarbon processing facility, compressive forces are driving semi-granulated plastic beads into injector assemblies and moulding equipment. There's room for fluid delivery systems in here, but it's the angled teeth of a meshing pair of helical gears that delivers the most interlocked kinetic energy. The gearing packages in all of these locations are perfectly armoured, plus their labyrinth seals reinforce that armouring. Then there's the swift changeover feature to promote. This feature speeds parts substitution, so equipment downtime is minimised.

There are few industrial scenarios that require as much gearing power and adaptability as the rubber and plastics industry. That strength exists in the compression equipment, the injection pistons and moulds. That adaptability feature exists in the agricultural machinery and adjustable servo motors. Between the two, it's Benzler gearing packages that keep every system and assembly moving smoothly, under power but never under duress.

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