Benzler Products for Material Handling

April 19, 2017

The casual observer rarely gets to see material handling equipment in action, not unless the heavy gear is near a highway or city boundary. This is the premier league machinery, the armoured belt conveyors and multi-segmented scooping mechanisms that transport mountains of ore and gravel. Equipped with powerful drive systems, Benzler products keep this industrious power transmission class on the move. Here's what forms the backbone of this material handling group.

Compact Drive Solutions

Large booms and steel-reinforced frames require anti-slippage components to absorb shock loads. Helical gears assume this role. The speed reduced gearing packages shift high-volume aggregate streams on great plated shovels by employing the slanted, case-hardened teeth. Pause for a moment as the thought of a 20,000 Nm torque handling feature takes shape. Helical inline gears and motors make this level of handling aptitude possible. Check out the M-class Inline Geared Motor and its helically geared innards for more information on these load managing attributes.

Material Handling Decks

Down in a quarry, a kilometre long conveyor system works night and day to transport rocky material. The abrasive aggregate has been crushed, dropped by a high-tonnage feeder, and preprocessed by a screening deck. In this challenging application, low maintenance products are essential. Additionally, the drive system must be adaptable so that it can be upgraded in the event of a volumetric revision. This is a job for a modular housing. Modular gearing units accept drop-in components. It's this interchangeable design that enables onsite power transmission flexibility. Torque output increases dramatically, perhaps as high as 132,000 Nm, when this interchangeability feature is called upon in a material handling situation.

Elevating the Pioneering Spirit

Miners of old wore their bib overalls while blinking back mineral dust. The same breed worked quarries and harbours, the equipment that manipulated huge quantities of loose material. Today, massive loaders take on this burden. They're equipped with house-size shovels and kilometre long conveyor belts. The parts rotate slowly, retract rapidly, and scoop with rugged determination. Behind the parts, labyrinth sealed housings reject the harsh environment while lubricated gears on steel drive shafts power their heavy assemblages. Capable of reducing handling velocity while sustaining immense quantities of torque, the ratio-manipulable gearing packages and their powered motors are built to last.

That longevity feature mates with snappy performance and a torque-assured capability. Classed as compact material handling drives, Benzler products are well-suited for this application because they're built tough, they're universally adaptable, and they're designed to operate without constant maintenance. In essence, these gearing units are designed as heavy duty power transmitters, products that are as versatile as they are tough.

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