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Benzler Series ER - Heavy Duty Worm Gear

December 11, 2015

If standard toothed gearing products bridge the void between different drive shafts and transmit radial energy through a gearing housing, then worm gears define a significantly different partnership. A threaded rod is oriented at right angles to the toothed wheel, thus delivering a dramatic ratio spread. The exactingly engineered Benzler series ER - heavy duty worm gear line takes this concept to the next level, arming the specialized mechanism with a hefty physical outline, one that personifies beefy torque translation mastery across eleven ratio stages.

The Benzler series ER - heavy duty worm gear range exemplifies the quality of current high-end gearing products, power transmission housings that adopt a compact profile while delivering all the internal attributes needed to precisely manage shaft torque and velocity. Underdriven (ER-U) variants sit comfortably alongside overdriven products (ER-O), and the three member family is completed with the addition of the ER-V format. This latter option targets vertical mounting scenarios, locations that demand an added focus on shaft and housing orientation. Overdriven and underdriven functionality injects the worm gear housing, the cast phosphor bronze worm wheel and the case-hardened threaded screw, with high-stress mechanical reinforcement, but these robust elements are built to handle such arduous energy transmitting events without losing efficiency or incurring losses.

Physically adept, robustly manufactured, and beautifully balanced, the innards of the Benzler series ER - Heavy duty worm gear converts a radial chain of shaft-delivered power quietly and efficiently, calling on a wide spread 5:1 to 70: ratio swing to define the ER worm gear range as an ideal large-scale attribute manipulator/reducer. The product is capable of accurately reducing shaft velocity. Torque is manipulated, as are other process-critical mechanical factors, all thanks to the 90-degree offset that arises from the meshing of two disparate toothed components. Not surprisingly, this aptitude for heavy industry is employed across a diverse field of applications, including conveyor systems, hoists, crushers, pumps, and all of the colossal drive systems that keep large installations in motion. As such, a series of challenging variables need to be added to system calculations before this versatile unit can be sized. Moderate and heavy shock load factors contribute to these carefully calculated figures. Run time and thermal ratings round off the practical end of the installation process, thus determining the theoretical limits of this high-quality gearing unit.

Capable of modifying the torque and velocity of a vast range of industrial-size machinery, this product is the ideal solution for oversized applications. The device provides up to 320 Kw of power, is designed as a replacement unit for David Brown (Radicon) worm gear products, and will therefore fit the same dimensional outlines as these outdated products while delivering comparable power transmission ratings. 


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