Benzlers for the Quarrying and Mining Industry

March 15, 2017

The quarrying and mining industry occupy coarse environmental domains. Fine grit floats in the air while grimy pools of muck suck at employee footwear. Strictly speaking, there are maintenance crews to keep these grimy deposits under control. Well, they succeed, up to a point. Nonetheless, an exposed gear can't abide the conditions within the extractive industry, which is why these well-oiled machines require protection.

Unimpeachable Modular Housings

Medium-duty and heavy-duty gearing applications cover the ground in a quarry. A mining complex, above ground or below ground, is similarly equipped with large-scale equipment. There are screening decks and vibrational motors at work. Kilometre long conveyor belts transport extracted minerals and chunks of sorted granite to their processing stations. The core competency of a capable gearing unit in this challenging application is to defy the geological conditions while delivering a power transmission chain that satisfies any segment of the material processing line. In order to achieve this degree of gearing integrity within a famously inhospitable extraction environment, all modular housings must address certain sealing requirements. The IP (Ingress Protection) ratings and all relevant NEMA guidelines ensure gearing housings are optimally designed to accommodate these environmental hardships. See AS60529-2004 for more details on enclosure design ratings.

Extractive Industry Gearboxes: Special Advantages

High-carbon drive shafts couple motors to conveyors. An intersecting gearbox then handles the immense loads generated by hi-feed machinery. Next, primary crushers send the aggregate material rushing forward in a torrent, but the exquisitely designed power transmitting innards handle the shock with perfectly engineered assurance. It's the same with the reciprocating motors, the screening aids that compel powdery discharges and wettened mud streams towards dedicated sorting decks. Deeper inside, counterweights and swinging armatures are in motion around the clock, yet the case-hardened teeth never slip, never lose their coordinated meshing action. Granted, this is a process line that draws in more abrasive forces and impact-ridden activity than any other imaginable application, yet these worm gears, bearings, and couplers endure. More than that, they positively retain their most accurate design features, all while driving the heaviest, most percussive loads through a machine-hostile setting.

All quarrying and mining industry standards are met by Benzler gearing units. The drive components are heat treated and fabricated from carbon steel. That reliable power transmission chain is then reinforced by gear teeth that are case hardened. Finally, the enclosure itself delivers the proverbial coup de grace by incorporating a modular build that's Ingress Protection rated to keep all forms of moisture and dust out of the quality-assured inner workings.

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