The Significance of Benzler Products for the Cement Industry

March 29, 2017

There's a great deal of talk about building blocks. It's a phrase that's bandied about by marketing types and infrastructure designers with equal fervour. Meanwhile, the real building blocks are processed in the cement industry. It's a tough domain, a place where gritty particles cut into soft materials. Wear-and-tear is a given, as is massive amounts of mechanical energy. Just how does a bleeding-edge gearing unit adapt to this tough, gritty setting?

Employing Application Knowledge

A suitable solution, one that accommodates the coarse materials used in the cement industry is feasible, but only if the design bar is raised to match the adverse conditions. A modular gearing package that works around the clock without showing any sign of wear is a given in this case. Equally, the installed product must be productivity friendly, so a low-maintenance design is essential. These primary features are made possible by case-hardened teeth, a quality-assured brand, and an ingress protection rating that's engineered to reject fine dust. In essence, the external conditions may be gritty and parts-corrosive, but the innards of the gearing module will always buck such parts-challenging circumstances by retaining their dust-free and perfectly lubricated surroundings.

Optioning Drop-In Convenience

A failing industrial reducer no longer delivers full capacity. Across the cement production facility, perhaps somewhere below a filthy hopper, a helical industrial gearbox is still meshing efficiently, but the load is taking its toll on the unit. Both of these situations are common in this industrial application. In the former example, the unit has experienced countless load shocks. The device is designed to handle demanding loads, yet its heavy-duty parts are beginning to fail. The latter example is just as common. In this instance, the yard's experiencing a productivity bump. More throughput is required, so the gearing unit requires upgrading. Happily, although this is really engineering acumen at work, the modular profile employed in both products is adaptable. With this fact in mind, it's not difficult to drop-in a replacement component or an upgraded part. Essentially, parts interchangeability is a core feature in the Benzler gearing line.

There's no doubting the quality, the engineered dependability factor that exists in all of these branded units. Built from the finest carbon steel drive shafts and heat treated helical gears, their mechanical credentials are established. Still, the concrete industry is defined by its challenging conditions. Indeed, machine linkages here are susceptible to power transmission interruptions, which is why this already formidable product range offers an interchangeability service that's as efficient as it is market-established.

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